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Broward County Manatee Protection Areas and Boating Restricted Areas

Florida ICW Bridge Schedule and Regulations

Nautical Information

Nautical Information

Nautical Information

Nautical Information

Maritime History, Shipwrecks and Maritime Archeology

Pompano Beach Sail and Power Squadron

Regatta Time in Abaco (RTIA) is not only the largest sailing event in the Abacos, but it is also a great way to explore and discover many of islands in the Abaco island chain. 

Unite sailors worldwide to celebrate and share their passion for sailing.

The Gunboat 4 foil catamaran capsizes and is brought back up.

Boating and Yacht Safety for All Age Levels

Knots For Mariners

September 19th (every year) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

During Pirate Fest, East Ocean Avenue in Boyton Beach will be transformed into Hobb’s Cove, a bustling old world port brimming with pirate superstitions of the ship wrecks off the coast of Boynton Beach and Forbidden Island, a mysterious oasis where the sirens of the sea lure you into the depths with their song. 

Boating 101. A beginner's guide to boating

Boating & Water Safety For Kids

Maltese Falcon Yacht Power Point Presentation. Viewable only if you have installed Microsoft Power Point.  (Not in SFSB Fleet)

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