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A Message from the Commodore

Ahoy Friends,Captains and Mates,

South Florida Sailors and Boaters welcomes singles and couples who share a passion for boating in a safe, educational and social environment.   Our vision is to create long-term friendships and to provide opportunities to explore new horizons.

For boat owners, we know how valuable crew can be.  You can be assured of finding friends here who are ready, willing, and able to help at whatever skill level you want.  We offer day trips, extended trips, overnights on the hook or at a marina - most anything you can think of, we’ll give it a go!   You’ll also meet other boat owners willing to share helpful info on repairs, equipment, marinas, tides, bridges, any topic you care to explore.

You don't have to own a boat to be an involved member.  All levels of sailing and boating skills are encouraged, and if you have no experience at all, we’ll help teach you.  Boating education is one of our main objectives. You’ll get instruction and hands on training on every outing as well as more formal educational opportunities.  We offer many classes of our own and will also reimburse part of the cost of courses completed through the Power Squadron, the Coast Guard, Gulfstream Sailing Club, and most any other accredited source.

In addition to many sailing and boating events, we have weekly socials, holiday celebrations, parties and other gatherings.  We may also do some traveling.  Additionally, we do some charitable volunteer work.  We are a very busy and friendly group! 

If you love the outdoors and the water, bring your enthusiasm and let your new friendships do the rest. 

I look forward to meeting you at one of our weekly socials.

Joe Gallo


Wednesdays Socials

South Florida Sailors and Boaters welcomes guests to our
Socials, every Wednesday.  For details visit Meetings or the Calendar page


Information on boating events, outings, trips, raft-ups, parties and other events are published in the Calendar.  Please sign in, under Members/Login, scroll down to Calendar, and find the fun!

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