South Florida Sailors and Boaters welcomes guests to our Socials, every Wednesday at the Beachcomber Resort in Pompano Beach.  For details visit Meetings


Information on boating events, outings, trips, raft-ups, parties and other events are published in the Calendar.  Please sign in, under Members/Login, scroll down to Calendar, and find the fun!

A Message from the Commodore

Thanks for visiting the South Florida Sailors and Boaters (SFSB) club web site.

The South Florida Sailors and Boaters mission is "to welcome singles and couples, who share a passion for boating into a safe, educational and social environment."  Our vision is "to create long-term friendships, to encourage and create educated, safe boaters and to provide an opportunity to explore new horizons." 

While our membership offering is primarily to singles, we recognize that people meet, form relationships and often marry.  As these relationships evolve we want to encourage couples to maintain their connection to South Florida Sailors and Boaters and friendships they establish with our organization.  All individuals, both singles and couples are welcome to participate in all club functions including board and officer participation.

At South Florida Sailors and Boaters you don't have to own a boat to be an involved member.  Members with all levels of sailing and boating skills are encouraged.  If you have a love for the outdoors and the water, all you need is to bring your enthusiasm and let your new friendships do the rest. 

For boat owners we know how valuable crew can be to complete an enjoyable day on the water.  You can absolutely be assured to find friends to compliment your boating experience.  So bring a friend and come join us for a great boating experience and fun weekly social events.

South Florida Sailors and Boaters is a place people can get to know one another while enjoying the salt life… nature's very best right here in South Florida.

Pam Hesselgrave

Become a SFSB Boat Owner

The following video explains the benefits of being a SFSB Boat Owner;

Become a SFSB Member

Membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  All members must agree to the Membership Agreement and comply with all South Florida Sailors and Boaters By-laws.



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