Attention New Members!  Follow the instructions below.  Consider printing the instructions first.

SFSB Member Pages contain useful club information but you must first set your password using the following simple steps:

    1. Click Forgot Password above.
    2. Below Reset Password enter your email address, the one you submitted with your membership application.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. After the message arrives in your personal email Inbox click on the link below To choose a new password go to.
    5. Enter a password at least 7 characters long, twice.
    6. Record your password!!
    7. Click Set new password.
    8. Click on the navigation tab Members-Login.
    9. Enter your email address.
    10. Enter your password.
    11. Check Remember Me.  This is optional and allows you to stay signed in more often.
    12. Click LOGIN.
    13. Hover over Members-Login and you should now see eleven or so Members Pages.
Congratulations, you are done but it will be beneficial to perform the following optional steps:
    • Click on the navigation tab Members-Login and then click View profile. Review your profile to ensure it is accurate. If incorrect change the data by clicking Edit profile.  Be cautious when changing your profile, especially in the Privacy tab.
    • You are encouraged to update the following two fields which you can do by clicking Edit profile:
      • Picture (upload)
      • Nautical Bio
    • Click on Members-Introduction to review the descriptions of the Members Pages.

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