Past Events-2015-2016

SFSB EVENTS - 2015-2016

South Florida Sailors and Boaters had a huge number of successful events for 2015-2016!  Great going SFSB!!

  1. 2015-4-22 SFSB Organizational Meeting at Debbie Figueira's home
  2. 2015-5-8  Launch Party at Rita’s condo on the Intracoastal.  We had 60 people in attendance.  Music by DJ Steve.  Gourmet buffet cooked by club member.  We enjoyed outdoor sunset by the water, champagne toast was provided by club members.  The turnout for this event reinforced that the formation of this new club was the right decision and was warranted by our members.
  3. 2015-5-23  Day Sail, Northern Star
  4. 2015-5-30  Day Cruise, Perseverance with Captain Ron Nobili
  5. 2015-6-6 Day Sail, spinnaker sailing on Thalia
  6. 2015-6-7  Rapa Nui Reef Viewing and Raft-up
  7. 2015-6-13  Luau Party at Carol’s on 6/14.  70 members attended.  Everyone came dressed in Hawaiian attire.  We had limbo games, hula hoop contest and dancing in both the water and on land.  It seemed that more people were in the pool dancing, attempting to line dance, it was hysterical.  David Caulkett was the DJ and he had everyone dancing both in the water and on the pool deck.  Fabulous  time was had by all.
  8. 2015-6-20  Party Venue Scouting at Elks
  9. 2015-6-19 and Summer  Starlight Musicals at Holiday Park, numerous times with tents
  10. 2015-7  Abacos Cruise aboard Thalia
  11. 2015-7-25  Dockside Party at Marina Bay docks, 3 boats
  12. 2015-7-26  Eco Boats Cruise -  We rented 4 boats at Marina Bay.  47 people attended.  We all had lunch at the Rendezvous Restaurant at Marina Bay.  The boats went through mangrove and wilderness canals.  We enjoyed nature at its finest and may have learned something on the way!
  13. 2015-8-1-2  Haulover Shoal Party, on Knotty Mind
  14. 2015-8-16  Full Moon Sail
  15. 2015-8-22  Snorkeling event at Red Reef Park in Boca with a tour of Gumbo Limbo, which is a habitat for fish and birds.  Afterwards we had a beautiful barbeque, courtesy of the club, at Anita & Ken Bloemker’s condo on the beach.
  16. 2015-8-29  Full Moon Sail
  17. 2015-9-4-7  Labor Day Weekend- 3 day event at Palm Harbor in Palm Beach.  Six boats participated in the event.  After the sail up there, we had a barbeque at the club house.  Many members drove to attend this fabulous party.  In total we had 6 boats and 45 people attend.  The food, of course, was never-ending.
  18. 2015-9-20  Day Sail
  19. 2015-9-26  Full Moon Sail
  20. 2015-9-27  Full Moon Sail
  21. 2015-10-3  Day Sail
  22. 2015-10-9-12  Columbus Day Regatta, Biscayne Bay
  23. 2015-10-17  Day Sail
  24. 2015-10-31  Bus trip to Fantasy Fest, Key West for Halloween.  The bus was full with 56 and we had to decline a few members so make your reservations early next year.  Some members joined us by boat.  We thoroughly enjoyed both the women and men getting body painted.   There will be no names mentioned, what happens in Keys , stays in Keys!    All members went home with several strands of beads and smiles on their faces which will last a lifetime.  On the ride down, the jokes were non-ending, singing mostly off-key, eating way too much candy and acting like a bunch of kids.  We watched the parade and were still were amazed at the sights we saw.  On the way back on the bus, not a sound could be heard.
  25. 2015-11-6-8  Weekend at Islamorada.  60 people rented rooms at the Breezy Palms Resort.  The club provided a pig roast and the fixings to go with it.  A club member prepared chicken kabobs.  We all ate together under the trees on the beach watching the sunset.  We were dancing on the tables  (again no names, it was the Keys).  Saturday night we all had dinner at Lazy Days.  We had a blast and look forward to do this again this year.  Two boats.
  26. 2015-11-15  Day Sail
  27. 2015-11-22  Thanksgiving Dinner- Oleta Park in North Miami.  The club paid for the pavilion and the turkeys.  Members brought side dishes.  Another example of how this club is family for so many of us who do not have family here. Beautiful dinner and day of friendship.
  28. 2015-11-25  Full Moon Sail
  29. 2015-12-5  Gulfstream Horse Races Outing
  30. 2015-12-12  Christmas Boat Parade.  We had 2 events that day, one on the water and one on land.  We had 6 boats participated in a raft-up and a land party on the Intracoastal at Don and Andrea Lockwood’s home attended by at least 40 members.  We had front row seats for the parade.  After the parade ended, the party continued and we played charades.  Another great party!
  31. 2015-12-20  Holiday Party at Royal Fiesta.  93 people were in attendance.  We were all dressed to the 9’s with a fabulous DJ, who kept the party rocking until after well after 11 pm.  2 members, Cathy Rollins and Georges (who unfortunately had to return to France for a while) , provided us with their unique singing and put on quite a show!  The club showed their holiday spirit by donating toys for under-privileged children to the Little School House which Jean and Andy Deering coordinated.
  32. 2016-1-2  Day Sail
  33. 2016-1-3  Jazz Brunch Outings, numerous times
  34. 2016-1-17  Day Sail
  35. 2016-1-24  Full Moon Sail
  36. 2016-1-29  Five day cruise to Cozumel.  12 members cruised together on the Carnival Cruise Lines.  We laughed to morning to night, especially at the Piano Bar singing songs which cannot be mentioned here!  We will do this again and hope members join us for this fabulous time.
  37. 2016-2-7  Super Bowl Party – Debbie Figueira hosted a fabulous party for over 60 people.  Since the weather was a bit chilly, we had a fire pit and an outside heater by the Tiki Hut.   Her place was packed wall to wall.  We had a pool going and Cathy Harper was the grand prize winner.  Again a fabulous meal was prepared by a club member and a good time was had by all.
  38. 2016-2-21  Pub Crawl and Lake Sunrise Raft-up, 10 boats, 50 people
  39. 2016-3-15  St. Patrick’s Day Party – Bob Mifsud hosted a party for over 85 people.  A traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage and boiled potatoes, salad and many other dishes was prepared by a club member.  Everyone was dressed in green which added to the festivities.  DJ Rich was great and had everyone dancing until the wee hours of the night.
  40. 2016-3-5-6  HISC Circle Raft-up, 6 boats
  41. 2016-3-13  Renaissance Festival Outing
  42. 2016-3-19  St Patrick's Party at Bob Mifsud's
  43. 2016-3-22  Full Moon Sail, 4 boats
  44. 2016-4-2  Quiet Waters Park- Picnic in the Park.  The club provided hot dogs, hamburgers and the shelter.  50 people attended and brought side dishes and desserts. We played lawn games and went bike riding.  We had a great day with perfect weather.
  45. 2016-4-22  Full Pink Moon Raft-up, 4 boats, 34 people
  46. 2016-4-24  Shark Valley –  10 members drove to Homestead to the Everglades.  We rode 15 miles by bike and some took the tram.  We saw alligators, huge turtles and many birds along the way.  We all sat under a beautiful tree and enjoyed a delicious lunch.  We had a great day of relaxation and camaraderie. 
  47. 2016-4-30  Commodore’s Ball/Change of Watch at the Coral Ridge Yacht Club and we are enjoying our last event of our first year of many to come.
  48. Ongoing  Jerry Schwimmer had Booze Cruises most every Monday and Friday

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