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  Past Events

2022-11-26 Raft Up

2022-11-6 Christening of 7th Heaven

2022-09-12 Bowling

2022-10-29 Halloween Happy Hour

2022-08-05 Snorkeling

2022-07-24 Christmas in July

2022-07-20 Snorkeling

2022-July-8-11, Palm Harbor Marina 

2022-5-15 Pool Party at Davis'

2021-12-05 Holiday Party  Sidney Bruno Photographer 

2021-06-12 Pool Party @ Bethania & Bud's - Sydney Bruno Photographer

2021-04-24 Change of Watch Celebration

2021-02-27 HOT Training - Sydney Bruno2021 St. Valentines Day

2020-12-06 Holiday Party on The Water by Sidney Bruno
2020-11-14 Pig Roast Party - Sydney Bruno
2020-06-24 thru 2020-07-21 Keys to Dry Tortugas - Richard Harper
2020-06-05 SFSB Strawberry Full Moon Raftup - Sydney Bruno
2020-03-07 SFSB Five Year Anniversary
2020-01-11-SFSB Raftup - Gabe Forray

2019-12-31 SFSB New Year's Eve Party - Photos by The Great Sydney Bruno 
2019-12-08 SFSB Holiday Party - Sydney Bruno and David Caulkett
2019-10-06 SFSB Bowling - Andrea Keyser
2019-09-21 SFSB Boatathalon - Sydney Bruno
2019-09-21 SFSB Boatathalon Party at Flip Flops – Gabe Forray
2019-09-13-14 SFSB 70'S Party - Sydney Bruno
2019-09-14 -SFSB 70's Party - Ivelisse Santana
2019-09-14 SFSB 70's Party - Gabe Forray
2019-07-20 SFSB Luau Party - Ivelisse Santana
2019-07-20 SFSB Luau Party - David Caulkett
2019-07-14 SFSB Irish Rover Christening - Sydney Bruno
2019-03-30 SFSB Change of Watch - Sydney Bruno

2018-12-15 SFSB Ft Lauderdale Boat Parade - Members - Gabe Forray

2018-12-15 SFSB Ft Lauderdale Boat Parade - Boats - Gabe Forray
2018-11-16-18 SFSB Islamorada Pig Roast
2018-10-27-SFSB Halloween Party - Gabe Forray
2018-08-19 SFSB Raftup and Snorkeling Lake Santa Barbara- Henry Levenson
2018-08-11 SFSB Beach Party at Miriam Connell's - Henry Levenson
2018-07-28 & 29 SFSB Raftup Levit Biancardi Schaefer
2018-04-28 SFSB Change of Watch - Henry Levenson
2018-04-22 SFSB Raftup with Rosemary - Gabe Forray
2018-03-31 SFSB Full Moon Boating with Frank Dixon - Gabe Forray
2018-02-25 SFSB Raftup - Lake Santa Barbara - Henry Levenson
2018-02-24 SFSB Mardi Gras - Henry Levenson
2018-02-11 SFSB Valentines Raftup - Gabe Forray
2018-02-04 SFSB Super Bowl Party - Richard Harper
2018-01-14 SFSB Raftup - Gabe Forray
2018-01-13 SFSB Murder Mystery Dinner - Henry Levenson
2018-01-11 SFSB Award dinner Pompano Christmas Boat parade - Capt. Rosemary Levin - Henry Levenson
2017-12-30 SFSB Raftup Lake Santa Barbara - Henry Levenson
2017-12-10 SFSB Video of Boat Parade by Richard H & Original Song by Pam H
2017-12-10 SFSB Pompano Beach Christmas Boat Parade - Cathy Harper
2017-12-10 SFSB Boat Parade M/V Wishbone Capt. Rosemary Levin - H Levenson
2017-12-09 SFSB Ft Lauderdale Christmas Boat Parade Raftup - Bev Schaefer
2017-12-03 SFSB Holiday Party Royal Fiesta - Henry Levenson
2017-12-03-SFSB Holiday Party-Gabe Forray
2017-11-29 SFSB Social - Henry Levenson
2017-11-22 SFSB Thanksgiving Oleta River State Park - Henry Levenson
2017-11-21 SFSB Social Beachcomber - Henry Levenson
2017-11-10 SFSB Islamorada - Henry Levenson
2017-10-21 SFSB Talk Like A Pirate Party-Gabe Forray
2017-09-23 Boating with Patrick - Gabe Forray
2017-09-03 SFSB Luau - Henry Levenson
2017-08-26 SFSB Haulover Weekend Raftup - Henry Levenson
2017-08-19 SFSB Tug Okinawa Sinking - Mary Coonan
2017-08-19 SFSB Raftup Lake Santa Barbara Post Sinking Tug Okinawa in Underwater park - HL
2017-08-19 SFSB Okinawa Sinking - Richard Harper
2017-08-19 Live Stream from a Drone | Sinking of the Okinawa Tugboat - Richard Harper
2017-08-07 Full Moon Raftup - Dan Grostick
2017-07-29 SFSB Snorkeling Capt. P. Molinari Capt. Bud Davis - Henry Levenson 
2017-07-22 SFSB Hammock Pool Party - Gabe Forray
2017-07-15 SFSB Christening Raftup - Henry Levenson
2017-07-08 SFSB Full Moon Raftup - Gabe Forray
2017-07-08 SFSB Full Moon Raftup - Henry Levenson
2017-07-04 SFSB July 4th Party - Gabe Forray
2017-05-20 SFSB Hospice Regatta Raftup - Henry Levenson
2017-05-17 SFSB Social - Henry Levenson  
2017-05-13 SFSB Rickey Clark Cruise S/V Flyer - Henry Levenson  
2017-05-11 SFSB Full Moon Boating - Gabe Forray 
2017-05-06 SFSB Social American-Kentucky Derby - Henry Levenson
2017-05-05 SFSB Pam Hasselgrave Beach party - Henry Levenson
2017-04-29 SFSB COW CRYC - Henry Levenson
2017-04-29-SFSB COW - Gabe Forray
2017-04-15 SFSB Deerfield Island Picnic - Henry Levenson
2017-04-01 SFSB MSC Divina - George Benichou
2017-04-01 SFSB MSC Divina - David Caulkett
2017-04-01 SFSB MSC Divina- Bahamas-PR-St. Maarten - Henry Levenson

2017-03-26 SFSB HOT Water - Gabe Forray
2017-03-26 SFSB HOT Water - Henry Levenson
2017-03-25 SFSB HOT - Henry Levenson
2017-03-18 SFSB Land and Sea Party - Henry Levenson
2017-03-18 SFSB Land and Sea Party - Ivelisse Santana
2017-02-19 SFSB Raftup SV Flyer, SV Northern Star - Henry Levenson
2017-02-11 SFSB Valentine Party - Henry Levenson
2017-02-05 SFSB Superbowl Party - Henry Levenson
2017-01-28 SFSB Chinese New Year Raftup - Frank Dixon
2017-01-28 SFSB Chinese New Year Raftup - Dee Johnson
2016-12-10 SFSB Christmas Boat Parade with Alan Levitt - Henry Levenson
2016-12-04 SFSB Holiday Party - Gabe Forray
2016-12-04 SFSB Holiday Party - Henry Levenson
2016-11-20 SFSB Raftup - Henry Levenson
2016-11-14 SFSB Boating with Frank Dixon - Henry Levenson
2016-11-11 SFSB Islamorada - Henry Levenson
2016-11-11 SFSB Islamorada Lorelei Restaurant - Gabe Forray
2016-11-12 SFSB Islamorada Pig Roast - Gabe Forray
2016-10-28 SFSB Boating with Grant Hustad - Henry Levenson
2016-10-09 SFSB Rosemary Levin moonlight cruise - Henry Levenson
2016-10-01 SFSB Murder Mystery Dinner - Henry Levenson
2016-09-23 SFSB Allan Levitt snorkling trip and raft up - Henry Levenson
2016-09-18 SFSB Talk Like A Pirate - Henry Levenson
2016-09-18 SFSB Talk Like A Pirate - Gary Mayes
2016-09-16 SFSB Grant Hustad full moon cruise - Henry Levenson
2016-06-25 SFSB Luau Party - David Caulkett
2016-06-18 SFSB Sailstice with GSC
2016-06-18 SFSB Sailstice with GSC - David Caulkett
2016-05-07 SFSB Air Show - David Caulkett
2016-04-22 SFSB Pink Moon Raftup - David Caulkett
2016-04-09-17 SFSB BVI
2016-03-19 SFSB St Patricks Party at Bobs - David Caulkett
2016-03-13 SFSB Renaissance Festival - David Caulkett
2016-03-5-6 SFSB HISC Circle Raft-up - David Caulkett
2016-02-21 SFSB Lake Sunrise Raftup - David Caulkett
2016-01-29 SFSB Carnival Victory Cruise - David Caulkett
2016-01-03 SFSB Jazz Brunch - David Caulkett
2015-12-20 SFSB Christmas Party - David Caulkett
2015-12-15 SFSB Raftup - Doug Noble
2015-12-12 SFSB Christmas Boat Parade
2015-12-05 SFSB Gulfstream Horse Races - David Caulkett
2015-11-07 SFSB Islamorada - David Caulkett
2015-10-31 SFSB Fantasy Fest - David Caulkett
2015-09-25 SFSB Booze Cruise Jerry Schwimmer
2015-09-05 SFSB Palm Harbor Marina - David Caulkett
2015-08-22 SFSB Red Reef Snorkeling - David Caulkett
2015-07-26 SFSB EcoBoat - David Caulkett
2015-07 SFSB Abacos Cruise aboard Thalia - David Caulkett
2015-06-20 SFSB Elks - David Caulkett
2015-06-19 SFSB Starlight Musicals - David Caulkett
2015-06-13 SFSB Luau Party - David Caulkett
2015-06-07 SFSB Rapa Nui and first club raftup - David Caulkett
2015-06-06 SFSB Spinaker Sail on Thalia - David Caulkett
2015-05-23 SFSB Northern Star - David Caulkett
2015-05-08 SFSB Launch Party - David Caulkett
2015-04-22 SFSB Founding Meeting

Photos and Videos-Ways to Share

Photographs, but not videos, of SFSB events can be shared via;

  1. Photos-Events - selected photographs are uploaded by webmaster.  Send pictures to Webmaster.
  2. Members-Photos and Videos - members can upload photographs, but not videos. This location is intended for members who want to share just a few photos on the SFSB website, whereas SFSB Photos and Videos on Google is intended for members who want to share a large number of photos. See Members-Photos - Upload below.  
Photographs or videos of SFSB events can be shared via;
  1. Facebook - members can upload photographs or videos to the club Facebook page.
  2. Past Events - members can email Club Historian Jodie Kettle who will keep track of all SFSB events for the purpose of creating a history of FY (Fiscal Year) 2016 similar to the FY 2015.  

SFSB Photos and Videos on Google - members can upload large numbers of photographs or videos to the SFSB Google Photos page site via two methods;

  1. Members can request to have upload access to the SFSB Google Photos page from the Webmaster, Pam Hesselgrave.   This method requires that the member upload files into a SFSB Google Photos folder which can be a bit complicated. 
  2. Alternatively,  Google Photos can easily be shared with but when doing so notify Webmaster of the share so the link can be posted below.
  3. To save a photograph to your computer; 1) click on the photo to expand it, 2) right-click, and 3) click Save Image As.

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  • Every member has signed consent in the membership form that states "I agree to consent to the use of my name and/or image in any publication, videotape, Internet website or other media to promote the club and/or its activities."
  • The Members-Photos and Videos page is restricted to members so the public has no navigable access.
  • Photos shall be club photos only.  Photos from Non-club Events are not allowed.
  • The Photos-Events page is not restricted so the public has navigable access.
  • As a courtesy SFSB will remove any photo, upon request of a member, from the Members-Photos and Videos page or from the Photos-Events page.  To request removal of a photo email the Webmaster via this email message.


Click Upload below to upload photographs to the SFSB website.  

If pictures are uploaded sideways to this page use a picture editor such as Paint and save the file to a different extension such as .PNG.  Delete the improperly rotated file and upload again. 

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Mar 19 2016 St Pats Day Party
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